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I've finnally uploaded some new pages of the Falconer on ACT-i-VATE after taking a break for a coulpe of months...
Hope you enjoy them!…
Hi everybody!

Just letting you know I've just posted a dozen of brand new pages of The Falconer on line.
You can read it for FREE.
Chek it out:

Starting from today, you can read my comic "The Falconer" on the free comic ACT-I-VATE website, updated on the 17th each month!


A quick announcement to all of my serbian/croatian speaking friends:
if you are interested and have a moment to spare (and nothing better to do) you can follow this link to sea a clip featured in a popular parenting show in Serbia - the feature is about the parenting book I illustrated a couple of months ago, and there is even a short interview where I talk about my experience.
Unfortunately, the clip is in Serbian, so people who aren't from the region won't understand a word. 

Here is the link:

Hello everyone!
I have great news to share with you: today I presented my graduation project to the committee of three professors, and after a debate concerning my work I passed that final exam and I got my Master of Arts degree!
I feel thrilled and exited. Today is the beginning of a new chapter of my life, and I hope that it will be a happy and successful one.
This summer I worked on a once very popular book called "The Easiest Way to Ruin Your Child" ("Kako da najlakše upropastite rođeno dete") by Nadežda Milenković.
The book is finny and smart, helping parents cope with the troubles that come with parenting.
You can see the advert for the book if you follow the link below:

...One of the best scenes and dialogues in the history of cinematography.
Henry Fonda and Charles Bronson in Sergio Leone's legendary film "Once upon a time in the West".